Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Menswear Brand That's Revolutionizing Retail - J. Hilburn


Welcome to the new
MensWear Daily!
It is my pleasure to start and share with you a blog that is completely dedicated to Menswear!!
Over the past few months, I've spend my days, weeks, and months researching on the latest
trends for men, learning the verity of garment constructions/design that enhances a
men's style, what is the difference in a nice tailored look vs a look you find at a retail store, and SO much more... Now, I've decided to collect all the information I've learned and pass it on to you, for your own benefit!

There's something to be said about a man who is conscious about how he wears his clothes, through the eyes of a woman (like myself), it shows how much respect he has for himself and that what he does in his life matters to him. I hope I can illustrate this concept, idea, and feel throughout this blog. This blog will be a fun and educative experience for both men and women!

Talk to you all soon!